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National Destination Code List

This is the Bangladesh National Destination Code List page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
National Destination Code Region Name City Carrier Name Number Type
11 Mobile Telephony City Cell M
15 Mobile Telephony Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. M
16 Mobile Telephony Warid Telecom M
17 Mobile Telephony Grameen Phone M
18 Mobile Telephony TM International M
19 Mobile Telephony Sheba Telecom M
2 Dhaka Dhaka BTTB G
3020 Chittagong Banskhali Sheba-PVT G
3022 Chittagong Fatikchari Sheba-PVT G
3023 Chittagong Hathazari BTTB G
3023 Chittagong Hathazari Sheba-PVT G
3024 Chittagong Mirsari Sheba-PVT G
3024 Chittagong Mirsharai BTTB G
3025 Chittagong Rangunia Sheba-PVT G
3026 Chittagong Rauzan Sheba-PVT G
3027 Chittagong Snadwip Sheba-PVT G
3028 Chittagong Barabkunda BTTB G
3028 Chittagong Sitakunda Sheba-PVT G
3029 Chittagong Anwara Sheba-PVT G
3032 Chittagong Boalkhali Sheba-PVT G
3033 Chittagong Chandanaish Sheba-PVT G
3034 Chittagong Lohagara Sheba-PVT G
3035 Chittagong Potia BTTB G
3035 Chittagong Potiya Sheba-PVT G
3036 Chittagong Satkania BTTB G
3036 Chittagong Satkhania Sheba-PVT G
31 Chittagong Chittagong BTTB G
321 Noakhali Chatkhil BTTB G
321 Noakhali Noakhali BTTB G
3221 Noakhali Begamgonj Sheba-PVT G
3222 Noakhali Chatkhil Sheba-PVT G
3223 Noakhali Companiganj BTTB G
3223 Noakhali Companigonj Sheba-PVT G
3224 Noakhali Hatiya BTTB G
3225 Noakhali Senbag Sheba-PVT G
3225 Noakhali Shenbag BTTB G
331 Feni Chagalnaiya BTTB G
331 Feni Daganbhuyan BTTB G
331 Feni Feni BTTB G
331 Feni Sonagazi BTTB G
3322 Feni Chhagalnaiya Sheba-PVT G
3323 Feni Dagonbhuya Sheba-PVT G
3324 Feni Parshuram BTTB G
3324 Feni Parsuram Sheba-PVT G
3325 Feni Sonagazi Sheba-PVT G
3326 Feni Fulgazi Sheba-PVT G
341 Cox'sbazar Cox'sbazar BTTB G
341 Cox'sbazar Eidgaon BTTB G
3422 Cox's Bazar Chakaria Sheba-PVT G
3422 Cox'sbazar Chokoria BTTB G
3424 Cox'sbazar Moheshkhali BTTB G
3425 Cox'sbazar Ramu BTTB G
3427 Cox'sbazar Ukhiya BTTB G
351 Rangamati Rangamati BTTB G
3529 Rangamati Kaptai BTTB G
361 Bandarban Bandarban BTTB G
371 Khagrachari Khagrachari BTTB G
381 Lakshmipur Laximpur BTTB G
381 Lakshmipur Ramganj BTTB G
3822 Lakshmipur Raipura BTTB G
3823 Lakshmipur Ramgati BTTB G
3824 Lakshmipur Ramgonj Sheba-PVT G
4020 Khulna Rupsha Sheba-PVT G
4027 Khulna Paikgacha BTTB G
4029 Khulna Terokhada Sheba-PVT G
4033 Khulna Dighalia RSU BTTB G
41 Khulna Khulna BTTB G
421 Jessore Sharsa BTTB G
4222 Jessore Abhaynagar (Noapara) BTTB G
4222 Jessore Abhynagar Sheba-PVT G
4223 Jessore Bagerphara Sheba-PVT G
4224 Jessore Chaugacha Sheba-PVT G
4225 Jessore Jhikargacha BTTB G
4225 Jessore Jhikargacha Sheba-PVT G
4226 Jessore Keshobpur BTTB G
4226 Jessore Keshobpur Sheba-PVT G
4227 Jessore Manirampur BTTB G
4227 Jessore Monirampur Sheba-PVT G
4228 Jessore Sharsa Sheba-PVT G
431 Barisal Barisal BTTB G
4320 Barisal Banaripara Sheba-PVT G
4322 Barisal Goarnadi BTTB G
4322 Barisal Gournadi Sheba-PVT G
4323 Barisal Agailjhara BTTB G
4323 Barisal Agailjhara Sheba-PVT G
4324 Barisal Hizla Sheba-PVT G
4325 Barisal Mehendigonj Sheba-PVT G
4326 Barisal Muladi BTTB G
4326 Barisal Muladi Sheba-PVT G
4327 Barisal Babugonj BTTB G
4327 Barisal Babugonj Sheba-PVT G
4328 Barisal Bakergonj BTTB G
4328 Barisal Bakergonj Sheba-PVT G
4329 Barisal Uzirpur Sheba-PVT G
4332 Barisal Banaripara BTTB G
441 Patuakhali Patuakhali BTTB G
4422 Patuakhali Baufal BTTB G
4423 Patuakhali Dashmina BTTB G
4424 Patuakhali Golachipa BTTB G
4425 Patuakhali Khepupara BTTB G