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City List

This is the Bangladesh City List page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
City Region Name National Destination Code Carrier Name Number Type
Abhaynagar (Noapara) Jessore 4222 BTTB G
Abhynagar Jessore 4222 Sheba-PVT G
Agailjhara Barisal 4323 BTTB G
Agailjhara Barisal 4323 Sheba-PVT G
Akhaura Brahmanbaria 8522 BTTB G
Akhaura Brahmanbaria 8522 Sheba-PVT G
Alamdanga Chuadanga 7622 BTTB G
Anwara Chittagong 3029 Sheba-PVT G
Araihazar Narayanganj 6722 BTTB G
Arihazar Narayanganj 6722 BRTA-PVT G
Ashuganj Brahmanbaria 8528 BTTB G
Babugonj Barisal 4327 BTTB G
Babugonj Barisal 4327 Sheba-PVT G
Badarganj Rangpur 5222 BTTB G
Bagerhat Bagerhat 468 BTTB G
Bagerphara Jessore 4223 Sheba-PVT G
Bajitpur Kishoreganj 9423 BTTB G
Bakergonj Barisal 4328 BTTB G
Bakergonj Barisal 4328 Sheba-PVT G
Balagonj Sylhet 8222 BRTA-PVT G
Banaripara Barisal 4320 Sheba-PVT G
Banaripara Barisal 4332 BTTB G
Bancharampur Brahmanbaria 8523 BTTB G
Bancharampur Brahmanbaria 8523 Sheba-PVT G
Bandar Narayanganj 6724 BRTA-PVT G
Bandarban Bandarban 361 BTTB G
Baneswar Rajshahi 7228 BRTA-PVT G
Bangla hili Dianjpur 5329 BRTA-PVT G
Banskhali Chittagong 3020 Sheba-PVT G
Barabkunda Chittagong 3028 BTTB G
Baralekha Moulvibazar 8622 BRTA-PVT G
Baralekha Moulvibazar 8622 BTTB G
Barguna Barguna 448 BTTB G
Barisal Barisal 431 BTTB G
Barura Comilla 8027 Sheba-PVT G
Bashail Tangail 9222 BTTB G
Baufal Patuakhali 4422 BTTB G
Begamgonj Noakhali 3221 Sheba-PVT G
Belkuchi Sirajganj 7522 BTTB G
Belkuchi Sirajganj 7522 Sheba-PVT G
Bera Pabna 731 BTTB G
Bera Pabna 7323 Sheba-PVT G
Bhairab bazar Kishoreganj 9424 BRTA-PVT G
Bhairabbazar Kishoreganj 9424 BTTB G
Bhaluka Mymensingh 9022 BTTB G
Bhandaria Pirojpur 4623 BTTB G
Bhanga Faridpur 6323 BTTB G
Bhangura Pabna 7328 Sheba-PVT G
Bheramara Kushtia 7022 BTTB G
Bhola Bhola 491 BTTB G
Bhuapur Tangail 9223 BRTA-PVT G
Bianibazar Sylhet 8223 BRTA-PVT G
Birganj Dinajpur 5323 BTTB G
Biswanath Sylhet 8224 BRTA-PVT G
Boalkhali Chittagong 3032 Sheba-PVT G
Boalmari Faridpur 6324 BTTB G
Boda Panchagarh 5653 BTTB G
Bogra Bogra 51 BTTB G
Borhanuddin Bhola 4922 BTTB G
Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria 851 BTTB G
Brahmanpara Comilla 8028 Sheba-PVT G
Burichang Comilla 8029 BTTB G
Burichang Comilla 8029 Sheba-PVT G
Chagalnaiya Feni 331 BTTB G
Chakaria Cox's Bazar 3422 Sheba-PVT G
Chandanaish Chittagong 3033 Sheba-PVT G
Chandiana Comilla 8022 Sheba-PVT G
Chandina Comilla 8022 BTTB G
Chandpur Chandpur 841 BTTB G
Chapai Nobabganj Nawabganj 781 BTTB G
Chatak Sunamganj 8723 BRTA-PVT G
Chatkhil Noakhali 321 BTTB G
Chatkhil Noakhali 3222 Sheba-PVT G
Chatmohar Pabna 7324 BTTB G
Chatmohar Pabna 7324 Sheba-PVT G
Chattak Sunamganj 8723 BTTB G
Chauddagram Comilla 8020 BTTB G
Chauddagram Comilla 8020 Sheba-PVT G
Chaugacha Jessore 4224 Sheba-PVT G
Chhagalnaiya Feni 3322 Sheba-PVT G
Chitalmari Bagerhat 4652 Sheba-PVT G
Chittagong Chittagong 31 BTTB G
Chokoria Cox'sbazar 3422 BTTB G
Chouhali Sirajganj 7523 Sheba-PVT G
Chrirbandar Dinajpur 5326 BTTB G
Chuadanga Chuadanga 761 BTTB G
Chunarughat Habiganj 8325 BRTA-PVT G
Comilla Comilla 81 BTTB G
Companiganj Noakhali 3223 BTTB G
Companiganj Sylhet 8225 BTTB G
Companigonj Noakhali 3223 Sheba-PVT G
Cox'sbazar Cox'sbazar 341 BTTB G
Daganbhuyan Feni 331 BTTB G
Dagonbhuya Feni 3323 Sheba-PVT G
Damudda Shariatpur 6023 BTTB G
Dashmina Patuakhali 4423 BTTB G
Daudkandi Comilla 8023 BTTB G
Daudkandi Comilla 8023 Sheba-PVT G
Daulatkhan Bhola 4924 BTTB G
Daulatpur Kushtia 71 BTTB G